I miss bookstores

The conversation about reclaiming our civic life was always going to be more than a book tour, but let's have some conversations "in" bookstores to help get it started.

The pause, the reset in habits that the pandemic forced on us has demanded of all of us some introspection into what matters, what we need, and what we miss. I don’t miss the pace I used to maintain, but I badly miss the serendipity that comes from movement and travel. Unexpected conversations at unplanned gatherings. The chance to see friends, new and old, face-to-face. And I very badly miss the feel and smell of a great bookstore.

So let’s meet together virtually in some of the best bookstores in America to talk about media and technology, about what we want for these systems and how we want hem to work, about what we want from our civic life. Starting next week at my old home bookstore of sorts in Washington DC next Tuesday, March 16th at 8pm ET in conversation with Sophia Bush — register now to hold your seat.

And then my new hometown bookstore in Rhinebeck, NY at Oblong Books on Tuesday, March 23rd at 7pm ET with former GE vice chair and CMO and amazing author Beth Comstock — register now.

And this Friday — not exactly a bookstore — but a book festival hosted by the incredible Grey Horse in their first inaugural book festival on Clubhouse. Full schedule here — I’ll be in conversation Friday, March 12th at 4:30pm ET on Free Speech & Cancel Culture with Suzanne Nossel and Helaine Olen.

Keep an eye on my website for more events, interviews, and opportunities to be part of the conversation. We will find ways to connect, even if for now they are all planned and mostly virtual, we can keep moving this forward.

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