Misinterpreting election cycles is a pretty consistent theme in the Democratic party over the last decade, and it seems to be starting early this cycle.
What is happening in America should make us all uncomfortable
A state senator from Michigan is showing us what strength that is neither angry nor mean can look like.
TLDR -- more and more different writing.
In the battle to defend/reform/reinvigorate/stabilize/resilient-ize American democracy, we may be relying on a narrative that only resonates with the…
We're missing something (and an opportunity) at the heart of current populist rumblings on both sides of the aisle -- and it isn't disinformation.
The failure of our leaders to understand their roles and govern is making us less safe and less free.
Smart, thoughtful people have been showing us the way to a more complete conversation about modern media and civic life for decades . It's time we…
With a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion overruling Roe v Wade in hand, what does this say about America, about how we got here, and where we need to…
Passing on opportunities to demonstrate our principles is a sure path to losing the opportunity to serve.
Modern media systems are reinforcing the Left and Right's co-dependence.