Is there a modern equivalent of the 95 Theses? Does it matter? Perhaps we don't need the permission of history to begin.
Misinterpreting election cycles is a pretty consistent theme in the Democratic party over the last decade, and it seems to be starting early this cycle.
To those of you who’ve been reading 7 Bridges for a while, thanks for that — I hope these essays and ideas might have encouraged some different…
What is happening in America should make us all uncomfortable
Our estrangement from nature might just be both older and less permanent that we think
As much fun as was had last week watching the hammering Speaker McCarthy took on the way to the gavel, if it really is "The People's House", then it's…
The value of time away and the constant challenge (and opportunity) of attention.
What the Twitter upheaval might teach us about private public goods.
A state senator from Michigan is showing us what strength that is neither angry nor mean can look like.
The 2022-ness of what we're living through started well before this cycle, and we need to embrace both a longer horizon and new everyday, always-on…
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